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Neurobiology of the Gods

"[This book] is integrative and explains a great deal for people who have been perplexed by the difficulty of the Jungian corpus. Importantly, it lays a groundwork that might inspire other readers, both technical and nontechnical, to take a look at Jung as someone who built up astonishingly current concepts." - Richard Gray, PsyCritiques, August 2012, Vol. 57

"A synthesis of biological, psychological, cultural, and spiritual knowledge yielding wholeness, wisdom, and evolutionary meaning and mystery." - Dr. David G. Rosen, Oregon Health & Science University.

"Brings psyche down out of the clouds and shows it to be an integral part of our organism." - John Ryan Haule, Ph.D., author of Jung in the 21st Century.

"With impressive precision, Erik Goodwyn explores the parallel worlds of Jungian psychology and evolutionary biology, providing abundant evidence for the myriad ways in which evolution has primed our brains to organize our waking and dreaming experiences in accordance with the archetypal patterns inherent in the human collective unconscious." - Anthony Stevens, author of Archetype Revisited. 

"Psychiatrist Erik Goodwyn has snatched symbol and metaphor out of the air and connected them to deep layers of the brain through an expanded description of Jung's archetypes and collective unconscious. Expand your mind into brain and cosmos!" - Bernard D. Beitman, MD, University of Virginia.

"...a compelling examination of ancient magical beliefs in the modern light of cognitive neuroscience that provides a rich framework and conceptual bridge for the author's assertions and often brilliant observations." -Douglas Lehrer, MD, Wright State University.

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