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Archetypal Ontology

"This compelling, rich and provocative exchange between a renowned philosopher-psychoanalyst and a noted Jungian-oriented psychiatrist brings new vitality and insight to one of the most complex concepts of analytical psychology. The authors offer an expansion of thirdness that will help shape research, as well as philosophical and theoretical considerations of archetypal realities into the foreseeable future." 

-Joe Cambray; PhD President-CEO, Pacifica Graduate Institute; author of Synchronicity.  

"This book is truly innovative in content and truly unique in style. An inspiring book that suggests novel avenues to explore the origin of consciousness and the mind-matter problem beyond the all-too narrow boundaries of physicalist positions."

-Harald Atmanspacher; Head of the Department of Theory and Data Analysis of the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health, Freiburg; Faculty Member, C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich; and Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Mind and Matter. 

"A much needed and most welcome constructive debate on the centrality of archetype theory in Jungian psychology. The authors’ intellectual rigor is to be applauded. Anyone seriously interested in the future of Jungian psychology should study this book carefully."  

-Murray Stein; PhD, Author of Jung’s Map of the Soul 

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Presentation on Archetypal Ontology

In this video, Jon and I discuss Archteypal Ontology in an online presentation to the

C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles!

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