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King of the Forgotten Darkness: A Raven's Tale Fantasy

"As gripping as it is revelatory." Susan Rowland, Author of the Sacred Well Murders

"Beautiful, sad, whimiscal, and dark" --Books and Business

"Blends traditional fantasy with sci-fi elements with effortless ease. Its subtle exploration of trauma adds a deeper level of meaning, creating a captivating narrative." --José's Amazing Worlds

Liam (2).png

Twenty-four year old Liam is a traumatized warrior in a paradise free of war. He works his high-rise job, safe, comfortable, and free of suffering. For years now, the portals to the brutal and magical world of Erentyr where he came from have been sealed. Civilization is protected. All Liam wants now is to live a normal life, and forget how his family was slaughtered in Erentyr before he escaped. But then he learns that one of his family members is actually still alive. Flush with terror, but clinging to hope, he illegally returns to the savage, Fairywild beauty of Erentyr. There he finds, however, that much more than fear and hope awaken within him….

Mia (2).png

Shy and thoughtful, Liam’s best friend Mia decides against her better judgment to go with Liam through the gates to Erentyr…there a dreadful power awakens within her, threatening to devour her soul…

Damien - ii.png

Charged with ensuring the gates to Erentyr remain sealed, the rich and powerful Damien will stop at nothing to end Liam’s rescue mission, even risking the changes Erentyr may make in his soul…

Dr. M (2).png

Reclusive and wanted by the law, Dr. Morderan knows things about Liam no one else does…which makes his offer to help Liam all the more frightening…

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Original character artwork by Syeda Farva

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