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Healing Symbols in Psychotherapy

'In this encyclopaedic compilation of insights, derived from an impressive variety of sources, Goodwyn demonstrates how the therapeutic power of ancient ritual practices can be mobilized by modern clinicians, whether they be psychotherapists, physicians or psychiatrists. Through ritual, Goodwyn shows us, we can activate psychological structures as old as our species and summon their limitless resources to our aid.' - Anthony Stevens: author of Archetype Revisited: An Updated Natural History of The Self

‘Erik Goodwyn has delivered a definitive piece on ritual. The book provides a fascinating and erudite tour-de-force that bridges depth psychology and anthropology, drawing also upon biology and cognitive science, so as to explore the many layers of its topic. The author deftly pulls together these diverse sources of information towards building an integrative conceptual framework. The narrative is well-informed and informative. Goodwyn’s engaging style makes it highly accessible, a pleasure to read.’ - Raya Jones, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, UK


‘Meaning is the pattern that connects, and Dr. Erik Goodwyn would have us live more meaningful lives by understanding and accessing the timeless and archetypal patterns carried by rituals. Ritual, he argues, links the conscious mind with unconscious processes. Goodwyn applies research from the fertile intersection of anthropology and psychology. The results are fascinating and highly valuable for anyone in the healing or helping professions.’ - Jerry M. Ruhl Ph.D., depth psychologist, co-author of Living Your Unlived Life

‘Drawing on a 'web of interaction' between biology, psychology and culture, Erik Goodwyn creates an inspiring interdisciplinary theoretical model for ritual in clinical practice. Arguing that rituals are an overlooked resource, Goodwyn brings together the skills of a perceptive clinician with ritual scholarship to reveal deep insights about a therapeutic process that has its roots in the very origins of humankind. This is an original work of the utmost importance, it gets to the heart of human soul, and it will change lives.’ - Dr Susan Greenwood, past lecturer and Senior Research Fellow, University of Sussex, UK

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